Paygol module for WHMCS, version 4.3





  • Download WHMCS module.
  • Unzip the file directly in the modules/gateways folder of your WHMCS installation.
  • Activate the Paygol module in your WHMCS admin panel (Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways -> All Payment Gateways).
  • Look for “Paygol” button and click on.
  • Log into your Paygol Dashboard and go to “Notifications” section, copy the Service ID and Secret Key from your account and paste them into the corresponding fields at the module’s setup page on your WHMCS site.
  • Copy the “IPN URL” from your Paygol’s module setup and paste it into the “IPN URL” field at the “Notifications” section of your Paygol dashboard, then save the changes.
  • Click on “Save Changes” in your WHMCS site.



To test the newly installed module you can enable your service’s test mode at the upper right screen of your dashboard, at Paygol’s website. Be sure to change it back before going live.


Important Notes

  • While in test mode, an IPN request (payment notification to your platform) will be issued immediately after each test.
  • After the payment is completed, the “Payment Status” will show as completed but the “Status” will show as pending until you accept the order at your WHMCS panel, this is a default WHMCS safety measure to prevent any kind of frauds.
  • Payments are usually notified immediately; however, certain payment methods may take longer to confirm the payment (e.g. methods that take a few minutes to notify the transaction, or voucher-based transactions that require the payer to print it in order to pay by cash at a given place). In these cases the product is shown as “Unpaid“, and only once it’s confirmed by the provider will it show as “Paid“. We strongly recommend that you inform your customers about this beforehand in order to avoid confusions.