Dating Pro


Paygol Module for Dating Pro


About software

  • Cupid 2014.3 version or above.


  • Download the Dating Pro module.
  • Create a Paygol account.
  • At your DatingPro site panel, enter both the Service ID and Secret Key of your Paygol account (can be found at the “Notifications” section of your Paygol dashboard).
  • Paste the provided URL into the IPN URL field at the “Notifications” section of your Paygol dashboard.


  • To test the newly installed module, you can enable your account’s Test mode on top of your Paygol dashboard. Be sure to change it back before going live.

How to enable Paygol as a payment gateway – DonationCraft


Paygol dashboard

  • Create a Paygol account and sign in.
  • Make sure that your account is in Live mode.
  • At the “Notifications” section, enter your IPN (eg. “” ) into the IPN URL field ( your exact IPN can be found in your Enjin admin panel). You can also enter an email address so you can get payment notifications.
  • You will also find your Service ID and Secret Key, you will need them later so keep them at hand.

Enjin dashboard

  • Sign into your Enjin admin panel.
  • Go to “Modules > Donationcraft server store > Settings > Payments gateways”.
  • Select the Paygol gateway, click “accept payments through”, then enter the Service ID and Secret Key of your Paygol account.
  • Click “Save changes” to complete the setup.

You’re done!

You can now start accepting payments with Paygol!