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As seen on TV an many others media you can create now your own marketing campaigns, polls, promotions, voting, and more. You can create your own keyword where your users can send text messages to.

For example: send TEXT to 1234

How does it work?
1. Users send a text message to your custom created keyword (e.g.: TEXT to 1234)
2. A pre-defined reply message by you will be sent back to the user (e.g.:Thanks for your message)
3. This payment will be charged to user’s mobile phone bill
4. You receive your earnings and a payment notification will be sent to you via e-mail

Some benefits:
– Immediate activation.
– No web site or any application required.
– Different price points per country.
– Great coverage.



What is IPN?
Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is a message service that notifies you of events related to Paygol transactions. You can use it to automate back-office and administrative functions, such as fulfilling orders, inserting points or coins, upgrading membership, tracking customers, and providing status and other information related to a transaction.

Information about the payment
Paygol makes a GET request to your IPN file when your customer completes the transaction. You can use this notification to kick-off order fulfillment, enable digital media downloads, store information in a customer relationship management (CRM) or accounting system, and so on.

How to receive the IPN information in my web page?
Paygol provides samples of Instant Payment Notification (IPN) code for popular development environments. Use working sample code to speed up your Paygol integrations.

This PHP sample code will just send you an e-mail everytime when a payment has been notified. Of course you can add your own funcionalities instead of just sending an email.


$secret_key = "aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeeeeeeeeee";  // Enter secret key for your service. 

// Secret key validation 
if ($secret_key != $_GET['key']) {
    echo "Validation error"; 

// get the variables from Paygol system
$service_id	= $_GET['service_id'];
$shortcode	 = $_GET['shortcode'];
$keyword	   = $_GET['keyword'];
$subkeyword	= $_GET['subkeyword'];
$message	   = $_GET['message'];
$sender	    = $_GET['sender'];
$operator	  = $_GET['operator'];
$country	   = $_GET['country'];
$price	     = $_GET['price'];
$currency	  = $_GET['currency'];
// Here you can do whatever you want with the variables, for instance inserting or updating data into your Database 


IPN Parameters description


IPN Use with your own parameters

What if I need some information from my customer?
Sometimes you might need to receive input from the payer, such as his/her username. Our Premium SMS services are ready for this and will let the payer add parameters after the message, which you can then use in any way you need.

So, how does it work?
Just tell your customer to send the message followed by the parameter.
For example, let’s say that your Premium SMS instructions are “Send GOL VIP to 1234”: In this case, if someone sends “GOL VIP JOHN”, the ‘message’ GET parameter on the IPN will contain “JOHN”.

Can I get multiple parameters?
Sure! For example, a message with the text “GOL VIP JOHN SWORD” will return “JOHN SWORD” through the ‘message’ GET parameter.
You can use even more parameters if you need to.