How to enable Paygol as a payment gateway – DonationCraft


Paygol dashboard

  • Create a Paygol account and sign in.
  • Make sure that your account is in Live mode.
  • At the “Notifications” section, enter your IPN (eg. “” ) into the IPN URL field ( your exact IPN can be found in your Enjin admin panel). You can also enter an email address so you can get payment notifications.
  • You will also find your Service ID and Secret Key, you will need them later so keep them at hand.

Enjin dashboard

  • Sign into your Enjin admin panel.
  • Go to “Modules > Donationcraft server store > Settings > Payments gateways”.
  • Select the Paygol gateway, click “accept payments through”, then enter the Service ID and Secret Key of your Paygol account.
  • Click “Save changes” to complete the setup.

You’re done!

You can now start accepting payments with Paygol!